Welcome to the Horrorcast!

We are a group of tabletop roleplayers who are bringing you the recorded sessions of our Kult game. Kult, for those who do not know, is a modern horror game set in the current era. It takes the normal, everyday world we all know and love, then proceeds to do horrible things to it.

Our characters started life in 1894 as prison guards at Sandburn Prison, in London. After a terrible riot and fire, they tragically died. The current characters are in London, 1994. At first they were plagued by terrible nightmares. This led them to rescue Mary Langsbury from Sandburn Sanitarium (notice the similarity?). Shortly thereafter, the director of the Sanitarium showed up unannounced, stormed into Ms. Darcy’s flat, cut Mary’s unborn child from her womb, recovered the cards that the players also had in their possession, and fled. The players were unable to stop him as he was very, very fast.

And from here, you can catch up on the action in the Horrorcast itself.

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