Kult Horrorcast Special Episode!

Kult Horrorcast Special Episode!

The Kult Horrorcast QSR Review for Kult Divinity Lost!

Here it is! This is part one of our quick-start rules for the new edition of Kult Divinity Lost. If you backed the project on Kickstarter, you got access to these as part of the community. The good news is that you don’t have to be a backer to get a copy!  We love the new ruleset from what we’ve seen so far, and going with Powered by the Apocalypse allows your stories to be character-centric and character-driven on an immense scale. Hear what they hype is all about as Gemma and Martin have a close encounter during character generation.

Kult Divinity Lost Update!

Just Posted on the Kult Divinity Lost Kickstarter Page

Just saw this lovely gem from Helmgast on their Kult Divinity Lost kickstarter page. The Quick Start rules are almost ready. Here’s the link if you want to read more: Kult Divinity Lost Kickstarter. Soon, we’ll have out special review episode my lovelies!

Kult Divinity Lost

Kult Divinity Lost Cover

Episode 3 of The Kult Horrorcast Update

Episode 3 of The Kult Horrorcast is on the way!

That’s right. We took a little break for Thanksgiving, but the new episode is currently being edited. I expect it to be ready for publication by the weekend if my personal Razides don’t decide to consume me while I’m not looking. Although, secretly, I believe that they think that editing episodes of The Kult Horrorcast is certainly punishment enough. There will also be another recording session coming soon. As of now, we have enough material to publish at least 2 more podcasts of actual game play, and a special bonus episode for our Patreon supporters. That’s right, Gemma Holly has her first psychological evaluation. Also, out bonus episode 0 is up on Patreon right now for our supporters. Share us, like us, and help spread the word that this world is false, and remind people to take comfort in their illusions.

Hey, have you heard that the new Kult Divinity Lost quickstart rules will be coming out in about a week for their Kickstarter backers. We’ll have them in hand and we’ll tell you about them as soon as we can get the episode recorded and mixed. It will show up first for our Patreon subscribers, then it gets a later publication date for our blog subscribers before finally trickling down to our podcast feed for general consumption. We hope you enjoy our show as much as we enjoy making it. If you’ve heard an episode of our podcast, drop us a review. There’s subscription links on each podcast post, and we’re in the iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Blubrry podcast listings.

The Kult Horrorcast Special Episode Coming Up

Kult Horrorcast Special Episode

Hey everyone, this is Chris from the Kult Horrorcast with news about a special episode. The current news from the Kult: Divinity Lost kickstarter crew is that the English Quick-Play rules will be released this Monday. Assuming the deadline is met, that means we’ll have a copy of the rules next week. I plan on running a review session for The Kult Horrorcast on them very soon and will be releasing it as a special episode for subscribers and Patreon backers. Tell your friends (but hide your wife and hide your kids, because they’re breaking all the illusions up in here) to subscribe and back us to get this Kult Horrorcast special episode eary.

kult divinity lost kult horrorcast special episode

Kult Divinity Lost Kickstarter

Kult Divinity Lost Info from …and a Brace of Pistols

Found this today while scrounging up information on the new version of Kult that should be releasing Spring 2017. It’s interesting. I’m investigating the Apocalypse World rules as we speak. The jury is still out. To me it’s all about how they handle the old mechanics of Mental Balance and Ascension. To me that was always the meat of the game.

…and a Brace of Pistols

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