The Kult Horrorcast User Surge!

There is a Kult Horrorcast user surge!

Normally, this subscriber growth would be a huge development for a small podcast like us. Looking at the details, either we’re making a giant splash in Asia, or we’ve been discovered by agents of Nehemoth. Either way, I’m going to have to keep a close eye on what’s going on around this citadel to make sure that the Kult Horrorcast user surge is because people are subscribing to help shatter the illusions, and not advance the Inferno on earth. Please, tell your non Death Angel friends to shoot over and become Kult Horrorcast users to keep our content legitimate.


Recording Session

We had another recording session last night with the new tech setup and it was a smashing success. Setup and teardown took about 3 hours combined, which isn’t bad for complete amateurs and lots of new equipment. The gameplay was amazing, and the sound quality was phenomenal. For those keeping score, this session is about 1, maybe 2 podcasts from being mixed, mastered, and released – so look for it in early 2017. We keep getting better at this whole thing.

Our Setup and Technical Info

Let me start this by saying that what I know about audio engineering and DAWs would fit in a shot glass. But, here’s our current technical setup and software for anyone interested.

DAW – Hindenburg Journalist and Audacity

I use Audacity to do the hard edits and composition, then export it to Hindenburg to master levels and mix, and put all the pieces together into what you actually hear.

Mixer – Behringer Xenxyx Q802USB

We just started using this. It seems cool. I’ve exhausted my technical knowledge of this product.

Audio Interface – Behringer U-PHORIA UMC404HD

We have 5 mics going at once. We don’t have a studio to record in. We don’t have good sound control in our space. We’re hobbyists. One mic was just not working.

Digital Recorder – Tascam DR100mkII

At this point, lots of people think I’m crazy. We output the audio from the mixer into the recorder. I’m a fiddler. If I tried to just record the live audio into a DAW I’d do nothing put play with levels and filtering for the entire session. Plus, the Tascam provides a secure backup at all times because it’s not prone to restarts or crashes in the middle of combat.

Microphones – Various

Blue Yeti Pro

Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB

Sterling Audio SP 50 and SP 30

We have 4 mics for 5 people. This is a problem. Help us out here: We Need Your Support. Obviously, the Blue Yeti is our best mic. We’d love another Audio Technica though so everyone can have their own channel. Surprisingly, we don’t all speak at the same volume and timbre. I know, unbelievable, right?

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