The Kult Horrorcast on Hiatus

The Kult Horrorcast on Hiatus


It is with a heavy heart that I must announce a hiatus to new episodes of the Kult Horrorcast. Though we have a cast, I have handled all the recording, equipment, engineering, editing, advertising, promotion, production, editing, website, feeds, and content management from the inception of this ‘cast in October of 2016. It has become more work than I can do on my own. I currently have 3 – 5 episodes worth of recorded audio waiting to be edited and mixed, but I honestly don’t know when I can get to it. For now, the podcast is on an indefinite hiatus. I can’t do it all by myself as a hobby and have room in life for things like family and career. If we begin rerecording episodes, we will pick up where we left off. Keep your feeds open as I will continue to work to get the existing recordings edited and mixed and then evaluate the future of the ‘cast. If we continue, it will be with a tech team of volunteers to help handle the load.

When we started in October, we figured we’d have maybe 100 listeners, as it’s such a niche. As it grew, I asked for help with things to take off some of the load on me, but those who were willing also didn’t have the time, or impetus to fully commit to something that was close to my heart. So, I have to choose between erratically recording and releasing, or setting it on hold for now until I can find people willing to help me produce this ‘cast. As of last count, we have around 450 active subscribers, and I hate to leave you in the middle of Taroticum with characters we’ve tried to bring alive, and hopefully with both levity in gravity in equal measure. I hope we’ve entertained you. I hope to continue to do so eventually.

Some times real life is a bitch, and you have to stop doing what brings you joy to tend to the things that allow you to survive. We value each and every one of you. Thank you for listening to our horror, and our jokes. I hope we’ve made you cringe and smile in alternate measure. The feeds will all stay live, at least until I can get the prerecorded sessions mixed and mastered. After that, I’ll see what options I have. With law school looming on my horizon, there is no way I can make this sort of time commitment without producing a podcast that doesn’t do your ears justice, or a website that we may as well move to Geocities (hah!). It’s been a hard decision for me to make, but the ones that matter are never easy.

Besides, even if we do podfade away and die, in Kult, death is only the beginning. Thank you for listening, and for your loyalty. Feel free to contact me at anytime. Oh, and…

Look behind you.

Throw US A Bone

Throw US A Bone

Podcasting isn’t cheap. We could use your help and support. Please subscribe, review, and share the podcast EVERYWHERE to automatically increase our download count, shop our affiliate links, buy something off one of the amazon lists all over the site, or support us at Patreon. Help us make a better podcast. You can do eeet!

The Kult Horrorcast Episode 6 Problems

Hello everyone. As 44 of you know, only half the episode was available through our media host. They’re working on fixing that now. In the meantime, I’d uploaded the full episode to the episode post directly, and all 35 minutes of it is available HERE! So, go get the full episode and don’t miss out. Our next episode takes us into the Borderlands. Spread the news, tell your friends, share our content. Make us awesome, just you like you are.

The Kult Horrorcast – Episode 003

The Kult Horrorcast Episode 3 is Here!

Welcome to another episode of The Kult Horrorcast! In this episode, our characters escape from the Court of Fools, meet and free Waya, follow her along the blue path of madness, and receive an important clue for how they are going to get to the font of creation. It’s exciting, it’s horrifying, and it’s hopefully entertaining.

I feel that an apology is necessary, however. This is the very last of the audio recorded under a single mic setup. Much of the raw audio was either clipped or corrupted and I had to really work it over with tools and filters to render it listenable. Even with all that work, I don’t feel the audio is very good, and I apologize sincerely for that. The next episodes were recorded under a four mic, room vocal setup and should sound much, much better. Supporting us on Patreon is the surest way to help us increase the quality of our equipment and therefore the quality of our recording. Also, if the raw audio sounds better, the editing process moves much more quickly. If you want more episodes, support us on Patreon to make The Kult Horrorcast the best damn horror actual-play podcast on the Internet before the Lictors finally pin us down and send us to Inferno for our work to shatter the Illusions imprisoning mankind. Also, leave us a review wherever you listen to us, and feel free to comment on the blog and share our work. Apparently, someone likes us out there because we’re approaching 200 downloads and we’re only on our third episode. For a long out of print game that was only ever a niche title. I think that’s a Demiurge-damned achievement. Thanks for listening.

The Kult Horrorcast Subscribers Bonus Area

Welcome to the Illusion Lounge! Don’t mind the Nepharites waiting in the shadows, and someone please cut the Cairath off, it’s had too much to drink.

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