Kult Horrorcast Special Episode!

Kult Horrorcast Special Episode!

The Kult Horrorcast QSR Review for Kult Divinity Lost!

Here it is! This is part one of our quick-start rules for the new edition of Kult Divinity Lost. If you backed the project on Kickstarter, you got access to these as part of the community. The good news is that you don’t have to be a backer to get a copy!  We love the new ruleset from what we’ve seen so far, and going with Powered by the Apocalypse allows your stories to be character-centric and character-driven on an immense scale. Hear what they hype is all about as Gemma and Martin have a close encounter during character generation.

Patron Only Special Bonus Episode!

Gemma Holly’s Initial Psychiatric Evaluation Bonus Episode On Patreon!

That’s right, we’ve started releasing the Patron only posts on our Patreon page! We already have the patron-only episode 000 up, and I’ve just added Gemma Holly’s initial psychiatric evaluation to help her come to terms with her plummeting mental balance and alcoholism issues. If it’s content that you want, please become our patron and help us to turn this into a bonafide audio-drama. Everything that is contributed goes right back into the podcast in the form of better recording equipment and better places to record. These psychiatric evals are patron-only content and will remain so for the foreseeable future, so support us and go get your listen on! Remember, if you like our work, click the sharing buttons on the page to spread us like butter on everything to make it taste better (and honestly, if you spread me on something, it’ll likely be equally tasty and horrifying).

The Kult Horrorcast Subscribers Bonus Area

Welcome to the Illusion Lounge! Don’t mind the Nepharites waiting in the shadows, and someone please cut the Cairath off, it’s had too much to drink.

The Kult Horrorcast Special Episode Coming Up

Kult Horrorcast Special Episode

Hey everyone, this is Chris from the Kult Horrorcast with news about a special episode. The current news from the Kult: Divinity Lost kickstarter crew is that the English Quick-Play rules will be released this Monday. Assuming the deadline is met, that means we’ll have a copy of the rules next week. I plan on running a review session for The Kult Horrorcast on them very soon and will be releasing it as a special episode for subscribers and Patreon backers. Tell your friends (but hide your wife and hide your kids, because they’re breaking all the illusions up in here) to subscribe and back us to get this Kult Horrorcast special episode eary.

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Kult Divinity Lost Kickstarter

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