Patron Only Special Bonus Episode!

Gemma Holly’s Initial Psychiatric Evaluation Bonus Episode On Patreon!

That’s right, we’ve started releasing the Patron only posts on our Patreon page! We already have the patron-only episode 000 up, and I’ve just added Gemma Holly’s initial psychiatric evaluation to help her come to terms with her plummeting mental balance and alcoholism issues. If it’s content that you want, please become our patron and help us to turn this into a bonafide audio-drama. Everything that is contributed goes right back into the podcast in the form of better recording equipment and better places to record. These psychiatric evals are patron-only content and will remain so for the foreseeable future, so support us and go get your listen on! Remember, if you like our work, click the sharing buttons on the page to spread us like butter on everything to make it taste better (and honestly, if you spread me on something, it’ll likely be equally tasty and horrifying).

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